Monday, May 7, 2007


Another Christmas project we had last year was sponsoring families for CHRISTMAS TAMALES FOOD BASKETS.

There are many families, mostly single, abandoned & widowed mothers, who cannot afford to provide the traditional Christmas celebration for their family. A food basket costs $30US and provides a Christmas Tamale celebration meal for a family of 10 or more.

It includes:
The plastic basket that hold all the food. This can be used by the family to stack dishes, wash dishes or hold food
Ingredients for the tamales
Oil, 15 lbs of Rice to make the tamales, a block of drinking chocolate (this is traditional to drink at midnight), a loaf of bread with which they eat the tamales at midnight, raisins for the tamales, grapes, apples, sugar, 5lbs of meat, tomatoes, one pound of coffee, leaves to wrap the tamales, cloves, pepper, sesame and pumpkin seeds.

We collected donated toys to be given away at a Christmas party in San Jorge. The toys were given by Santa Clause and the children and their families had a great time. For some, this was the first time that they had received a Christmas gift. We are grateful to all the people that donated toys for this wonderful event. We have already started collecting toys for Christmas 2007.

Getting ready for the party. The women of San Jorge sorted and wrapped donations received by Mayan Families.

For some kids, this was the first time they got a Christmas gift.

There were many happy children in San Jorge

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