Monday, May 7, 2007


We have arranged various medical and dental clinics in San Jorge. Due to the lack of a facility to hold the clinics, some of them had to be done in an open plaza with no easy access to running water.
We need a place to hold these needed clinics in the future.

We organized a Canadian team from Project Gift 2003 to go to San Jorge La Laguna for three days and treat the people of the village.

We organized one of the children diagnosed with Spina Bifida to receive an operation in Guatemala City.

We arranged for “Wings” to go to San Jorge and discuss with them Women’s Health Issues.

We raised funds for a baby in need of a heart operation to receive the operation in Guatemala City.

We have arranged medical help and assistance for many different women and children and supplied wheelchairs, walkers and crutches to those in need.

Dr. Jennifer from Nelson, B.C. Canada set up a clinic in San Jorge to check the weight and height of children under 5yrs of age and especially focusing on babies under 1yrs of age. We are hoping from this that we may be able to head off medical problems and get early treatment.

She found 30% of the children malnourished. She also decided that we need to get funds to be able to do laboratory testing on many of the children complaining of stomach aches. A lot of these are parasites but it needs to be confirmed by a feces test. We need to start finding the parasite medicine to treat these children.

The children are usually very healthy until the mother stops breastfeeding. That is when the malnourishment starts. Some children are lucky and breastfeed until 18 months or older but many of the mothers are pregnant very quickly and so some only get breast milk until 9 months of age.

The women are learning how to fill out the forms and do height/weight checks.

Milk formulas donations are always needed.

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