Monday, May 7, 2007


These women also need to have simple stoves built in their houses. They cook over open fires and the smoke is very bad for the whole family’s health. We need to be able to put in stoves that are wood efficient and with pipes-chimney's that can take the smoke outside.

Onil stoves are an excellent solution to this problem. They reduce smoke emission's from within the dwelling by 99%, they increase the cooking surface height - eliminating burns and/or uncontrolled fires, and they create a 60-70% savings in fuel consumption - allowing for a reduction in deforestation and freeing the women and children from having to gather and carry large quantities of wood for cooking.
Mayan families has secured donations for 120 Onil stoves in San Jorge. We held classes to teach the women how to install them. We are very proud of this project and we hope to continue providing this life changing stove to more families.

The women learning to make the energy efficient stoves. We need a facility to hold meetings and classes for this and other projects.

January 25, 2007. Yesterday 120 energy efficient stoves were delivered to San Jorge la Laguna. They were laid out in the main square while all the pieces were put together. This was a long awaited day for these 120 families. Now the work of installing them begins!

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