Monday, May 7, 2007


Many of the houses in San Jorge are in need of urgent repairs. Lots of these house are made with all kinds of improvised materials, like tin sheets, pieces of wood, plastic, mud bricks, etc. Hurricane Stan destroyed and damaged many more and the people living in them will suffer even more now that the rainy season has started.

Mayan Families has secured donations and volunteers to build and rebuild houses for the most needy families. The families that receive the house must contribute with work during the construction and they are very happy to do it, even the small children.

Lukas and his family pose in front of the house that was built for him thank to a generous donation. Lukas suffered an accident and became a paraplegic. His wife and children make beaded jewelry to help support the family but it is a very low paying job and they do not make enough to support the family.

Some other projects that we have done in San Jorge are:

Constructed three more houses
Supplied new roofing to a widow.
Built a retaining wall to stop a house falling into the river.
Constructed two bathrooms.
Built a ramp for a child in a wheelchair to make her house more accessible.

We have many women in this group in San Jorge who after the Hurricane Stan are in need of new tin for their roofs and at least three people in need of rebuilt-new houses. One elderly couple’s house was completely destroyed in the storm and they are in need of a new house.

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